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Are you looking for renowned and experienced Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi? If yes, then reach out to Dr. Varun Duggal! He is a well-known Chiropractic who provides innovative, medicine-free, and comfortable care to patients regardless of age.
So, whether you are expecting a baby, suffering from chronic pain, or have any musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems, get in touch with him today and book your appointment! Dr. Varun Duggal specializes in offering the best chiropractic care. Not only this, but he also provides an effective treatment that help in imporving overall health and well-being.

Premium Chiropractic

Method of Treatment followed by Premium Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi

Stretches & Exercises

Dr. Varun Duggal, one of the top-rated Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi, suggests stretches and exercises that help restore range of motion and mobility.


Apart from recommending stretches and exercise, another effective method is adjustments. It helps in realigning joints that assist in restoring the range of motion.

Soft-Tissue Therapy

Soft-tissue therapy plays an essential role in treating chronic pains such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc. Furthermore, it assists in relaxing tight muscles.

Joint Bracing & Taping

This is done to support the muscles and sprained joints. Apart from the above-stated methods, Dr. Varun Duggal, the seasoned Chiropractor in Delhi, also offers Physical Therapy Modalities, Lifestyle, and Nutritional Counseling that improve overall well-being and health.

Most-Trusted Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi

Dr. Varun Duggal, the finest and leading Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi, follows a unique four-step protocol to offer effective results.

1st Step: Advanced Diagnostic Test

2nd Step: Initial Pain Relief

3rd Step: Structural Correction

4th Step: Maintenance & Wellness

The process commences with the personal interaction in which Dr. Varun Duggal identifies the symptoms and examines the cause, followed by an in-detail explanation of treatment. The entire treatment process is done manually, with the help of hands.

Certified Chiropractic Doctors

Well-Recognized & Certified Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi

Dr. Varun Duggal is a highly qualified and certified Chiropractor trained by Dr. Giovanni Bonfanti, World Famous Chiropractor. Additionally, he was recognized with various certificates, medals, and awards such as:

He was awarded as the Best Physiotherapist Clinician in Delhi in Annual Conference by the All India Association of Physiotherapists in 2018.
He has also been recognized with the award of the Best Physiotherapist Male in 2019 in Delhi by the All India Association of Physiotherapists.
Furthermore, he is a certified Dry Needling Practioner, Cupping Therapist, and IASTM Practioner from Malaysia.
Dr. Varun Duggal has also earned certification in Manual Osteopathy Techniques.
Currently, he is Northern Zonal Secretary of the All India Association of Physiotherapists.

Thus, if you are suffering from joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and bones issues, then get in touch with the premium Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi. He offers fruitful treatment that helps in improving body function and movement. To book the appointment, you can send an email or make a phone call. Besides this, you can also fill the appointment form.


Frequently Asked Queries

If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, joint or muscle pain, then there’s a need to see Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi. Apart from this, other signs include whiplash, tingling in arms, numbness, etc.

Well, Dr. Varun Duggal – one of the leading Chiropractic Doctors in Kirti Nagar Delhi, offer services at affordable price rates. He aims to provide treatment for patients at reasonable rates, not to charge more from them.

Dr. Varun Duggal is considered the best Chiropractor in Delhi because he has a pool of experience in treating musculoskeletal and neuromuscular issues. Furthermore, he follows a unique approach of treatment that offers fast and noticeable results. 

No, the treatment offered by chiropractic is pain-free.

Yes, Chiropractor also recommends other therapies such as:

# Icing Therapy

# Heat Therapy

# Massage

# Exercises and Stretches

# Effective Ways to Handle Stress and Relax Muscles.

No, there’s no need to consult your doctor before visiting a Chiropractor. However, always visit a licensed and certified chiropractor like Dr. Varun Duggal, as chiropractic care helps reduce pain.

You need the Best Chiropractor in Delhi – Dr. Varun Duggal, if you are suffering from the below given issues.  Have a look!

# Lower Back Pain

# Knee Pain

# Neck Pain

# Headache

# Slipped Disc

# Whiplash

# Strains & Sprains

# Sciatica

# Subluxation

It depends upon the recommendation of Dr. Varun Duggal, the best Chiropractor in Delhi. At the beginning of treatment, you have to visit for adjustments multiple times. As your body starts healing, the session will reduce day by day.


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